Program Committee



Software Engineer at Google Cloud Platform

Frances Perry is a software engineer on Google Cloud Platform who likes to make take complicated use cases and distill them down into frameworks that are easy, intuitive, and efficient. After many years working on Google’s internal data processing stack, she joined the Cloud Dataflow team to make this technology available to external cloud customers. She led the early work on Dataflow’s unified batch/streaming programming model and is now on the PMC for Apache Beam.



Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba

Haitao is a senior staff engineer at Alibaba Seattle, primarily working on runtime of Alibaba StreamCompute Platform based on Flink. Before Alibaba, he was a principle engineering manager at Microsoft leading the team that provided large scale Spark as a Service internally, with a focus on streaming. He also worked on Microsoft SQL Server and other big data projects at Microsoft.



Architect at Lightbend

Kiki Carter is a Lightbend Enterprise Architect and Emerging Tech & Innovation enthusiast with a passion for building large-scale, Reactive Systems. Kiki has extensive delivery experience using Lightbend Reactive Platform in range of industries, from digital commerce and high tech media to hospitality and retail.



CTO at data Artisans

Stephan Ewen is CTO and co-founder at data Artisans where he leads the development of the stream processing platform based on open source Apache Flink. He is also a PMC member and one of the original creators of Apache Flink. Before working on Apache Flink, Stephan worked on in-memory databases, query optimization, and distributed systems. He holds a Ph.D. from the Berlin University of Technology.



Tech Lead at
Pravega by DellEMC

Flavio Junqueira leads the Pravega team at DellEMC. He is interested in various aspects of distributed systems, including distributed algorithms, concurrency, and scalability. Previously, he held an engineering position with Confluent and research positions with Yahoo Research and Microsoft Research. Flavio is an active contributor of Apache projects, such as Apache ZooKeeper (PMC and committer) and Apache BookKeeper (PMC and committer), and he co-authored the O’Reilly ZooKeeper book. He holds a PhD degree in computer science from the University of California, San Diego.



Senior Software Engineer at Uber

Shuyi Chen is a Senior Software Engineer at Uber working on building scalable real-time data solutions. He built Uber’s real-time complex event processing platform for Marketplace that process up to 30 billion message a day in real-time, built streaming system that support Uber’s large-scale real-time visualization. He has years of experience in storage infrastructure, data infrastructure, Android/iOS development in Google and Uber.



Engineering Leader at Netflix

Monal Daxini leads the technical effort to build the petabyte scale stream processing infrastructure for business insights at Netflix. He helped build the petabyte scale Keystone pipeline, and works in the Real time Data Infrastructure team. He has also helped define and evangelize the stream processing space at Netflix.

He has worked on Netflix’s Cassandra & Dynamite infrastructure, and was instrumental in developing the first cloud compute infrastructure for encoding Netflix content. He has over 16 years of experience building distributed systems at companies like Cisco and NFL. He holds a Masters in Computer Science, and has presented at several conferences on stream processing.