PM 4:30 - PM 5:10

Upper Floor

Managing continuous applications


In this talk, we are going to present dA Platform, a production-ready platform for stream processing with Apache Flink® from data Artisans.

The platform includes open source Apache Flink and Application Manager, a central deployment and management component. dA Platform schedules clusters on Kubernetes, deploys stateful Flink applications, and controls these applications and their state.

We will look at how dA Platform makes stream processing easier for enterprises and explain how it works. The talk will also include a demonstration of dA Platform’s capabilities.

Robert Metzger,
data Artisans

Robert Metzger is a PMC member of the Apache Flink project and a co-founder and an engineering lead at data Artisans. He is the author of many Flink components including the Kafka and YARN connectors. Robert studied Computer Science at TU Berlin and worked at IBM Germany and at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as the Hadoop Summit, ApacheCon and meetups around the world.

Patrick Lucas,
data Artisans

Patrick Lucas is Senior Data Engineer at data Artisans, working directly with users to help them be successful using Apache Flink in production. Previously, he worked on and led various Infrastructure teams at Yelp in San Francisco and prior to that worked at the Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Patrick studied Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.