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Stream Processing in conjunction with a Consistent, Durable, Reliable stream storage is kicking the revolution up a notch in Big Data processing. This modern paradigm is enabling a new generation of data middleware that delivers on the streaming promise of a simplified and unified programming model. From data ingest, transformation, and messaging to search, time series and more, a robust streaming data ecosystem means we’ll all be able to more quickly build applications that solve problems we could not solve before.

Srikanth Satya,
Dell EMC

Srikanth Satya is Vice President of Engineering for Unstructured Data Storage, responsible for Object Storage product (ECS) and is also building a modern data analytics product (code named Nautilus) on top of Pravega ( Pravega re-imagines storage for the stream processing world, establishing stream as a fundamental storage primitive and was built by his team and recently open sourced. Nautilus hopes to challenge the current status quo in the industry to make batch and stream processing on big data accessible for enterprise customers. He joined EMC in 2015. Before joining EMC, Srikanth had worked on leading pioneering large-scale public cloud services in Amazon and Microsoft.