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Timo Walther,
data Artisans

Timo Walther is a committer and PMC member of the Apache Flink project. He studied Computer Science at TU Berlin. Alongside his studies, he participated in the Database Systems and Information Management Group there and worked at IBM Germany. Timo works as a software engineer at data Artisans. In Flink, he is mainly working on the Table & SQL API.

David Anderson,
data Artisans

David is responsible for training at data Artisans, and enjoys teaching users about Apache Flink. He is also a teacher and mentor at Data Science Retreat, where he established the curriculum in big data engineering. In recent years, David has lead teams building analytics pipelines, recommender systems, and visualization products. Earlier, as a research scientist, he applied machine learning techniques to create better user experiences — for toys, learning environments, and logistics optimization.