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“Customer experience is the next big battle ground for telcos,” proclaimed recently Amit Akhelikar, Global Director of Lynx Analytics at TM Forum Live! Asia in Singapore. But, how to fight in this battle? A common approach has been to keep “under control” some well-known network quality indicators, like dropped calls, radio access congestion, availability, and so on; but this has proven not to be enough to keep customers happy, like a siege weapon is not enough to conquer a city. But, what if it were possible to know how customers perceive services, at least most demanded ones, like web browsing or video streaming? That would be like a squad of archers ready to battle. And even having that, how to extract value of it and take actions in no time, giving our skilled archers the right targets? Meet CANVAS (Customer And Network Visualization and AnaltyticS), one of the first LATAM implementations of a Flink-based stream processing use case for a telco, which successfully combines leading and innovative technologies like Apache Hadoop, YARN, Kafka, Nifi, Druid and advanced visualizations with Flink core features like non-trivial stateful stream processing (joins, windows and aggregations on event time) and CEP capabilities for alarm generation, delivering a next-generation tool for SOC (Service Operation Center) teams.

Intermediate David Reniz, everis Dahyr Vergara

David Reniz,

David Reniz is a Senior Telecom Analytics Consultant at everis Colombia, with more than 5 years of experience in the telco sector. In 2017, joined the Telco & Big Data Analytics team at everis, a consulting company part of NTT Data group, with presence in 15 countries. Now is working in batch and stream analytics innovative use cases for telcos. Current interests are: next-generation stream processing engines, bussiness-applied machine learning use cases, NoSQL & Time Series databases and functional programming.

Dahyr Vergara,

Dahyr Vergara is Analytics Manager at everis, an NTT Data company with wide experience in the Telecom sector: * Commercial / Sales Analytics, Operational / Technical Analytics. * Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics and Data Science. * Regulatory compliance – Telecom sector. * Telecom consultancy services. Main interests are tackling Big Data Analytics challenges from the definition to the implementation with disruptive technologies. Increase or generate value for customers through automated Business Insights. Data should be played, like music.