PM 2:00 - PM 2:40

Main Floor

Technology deep-dive


November 11th (double eleven) has become Alibaba’s Global Shopping Festival, and Alibaba generated gross merchandise volume (GMV) of US$25.3 billion on Nov 11 this year. On that day, Alibaba’s realtime computing engine Blink, which was Alibaba’s version of Flink, processed more than 472 millions records per second at the peak, with subsecond latency. In this talk, we will introduce the optimizations in Blink, such as credit-based network stack, dynamic load balance and improved checkpointing for large scale jobs. Some of these work has been contributed to Flink and will be released in Flink 1.5.

Advanced Feng Wang, Alibaba

Feng Wang,

I’m responsible for the Blink runtime team in Alibaba computing platform division.